Amazin LeThi Foundation (ALF) is a for purpose transformation 501(c)3 US based international organization that inspires Asian youth through leadership, mentoring and sports programs. We work with youth who are living and or affected by HIV/AIDS and those that identify as LGBTQ. Our mission is to provide a voice and social advocacy for everyone to participate in the advancement of equality.

ALF VISION: Our vision is for all Asian youth who identify as LGBTQ and those living and or affected by HIV/AIDS to recognize their role as leaders in their communities and to live in a world that has equality for everyone.


Amazin shares her story of being bullied on The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders first public awareness campaign working to address bullying, including in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community ‘Act to Change’ campaign. Read Amazin’s bullying blog – Act to Change

Advocate Amazin LeThi sheds light on invisibility, HIV-Displaced children & homelessness among LGBTQ youth in the Asian community. Read the interview – America’s AIDS Magazine

Amazin LeThi named by GLAAD as one of 7 Asian advocates advancing LGBTQ equality around the world. Read about Amazin – GLAAD

Amazin LêThi has used her athletic career as a platform to champion the causes of homeless LGBTQ youth and children living with HIV. We caught up with her on a recent visit back to Australia to discuss her road from a Vietnamese orphanage to the White House. Read the – SBS Australia Sexuality interview


ALF #VoiceWithAction Promise –
The Amazin LeThi Foundation (ALF) #VoiceWithAction Promise has two focuses in mind – one for individuals to make a promise with a concrete action initiative to fulfill showing their support for Asian youth living and or affected by HIV/AIDS and those that identify as LGBTQ. The second focusing on companies to commit their support not only through words, but teaming up with ALF to create sustainable mentoring and leadership programs for the workplace.

Sports / Education Leadership & Mentoring Program – Focuses on Asian youth living and or affected by HIV/AIDS and those that identify as LGBTQ to develop leadership and mentoring skills. The goal is for them to have fun and gain confidence while learning essential life-long skills that they can apply to their personal and professional lives.

Student “Find Your Voice” Program – Visit schools and Universities around the country to encourage and advocate for Asian youth living and or affected by HIV/AIDS and those that identify as LGBTQ to find their voices to become strong leaders and mentors. Amazin LeThi Foundation will conduct speaking engagements, round table discussions, and allied support group forums to develop sustainable solutions and support. From this information gathering, ALF will create a detailed clear study report that will help set policy and future decision making for communities and governments.


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